Susan Bailey MA

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Wellbeing

01708 348588

Hello and welcome to my website... 

You may have found yourself here for many reasons.

Most of us experience difficulty at some time in our lives,

perhaps struggling to cope & feeling overwhelmed by our emotions.

For whatever reason you may have arrived here,

it is possible that you feel alone and isolated in

your own personal struggle.

Reaching out to another person for help is often not an easy task but I hope you can take that step.

I work with individuals, couples & groups, & I am committed to providing counselling, psychotherapy & stress reduction in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. Along with regular psychotherapy I offer EMDR which can be very effective in the treatment of anxiety and trauma related symptoms. 

I am also a recognized practitioner for health insurance providers.

In addition to offering therapy, I run a small relaxation & meditation group which is a great way to reduce stress & anxiety while feeling pampered & nurtured.